The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Please follow the schedule below, and then answer the questions on the discussion page. Don't forget to be keeping track of the main idea of each day in your spiral journal, so you can put that on your book cover project.
Journal Topic Google Docs
March 31
Ch 1
What would you have done if you were Lucy?
April 1
Ch 2
What do you think Mr. Tumnus would write in his diary after meeting Lucy?
April 2
Ch 3-4
Describe Edmund. Would you like him for a friend? Explain.
April 3
Ch 5-6
What advice would you give Susan and Peter if they came to you?
April 4
Ch 7
Define the following words, use them in a sentence and find a picture of it on the internet and paste into your journal with the word.
  1. beckoned
  2. betray
  3. horror
  4. festoons
April 7
Ch 8
Pretend you are Edmund thinking aloud. Write the thoughts you think Edmund would be having as he made is way to the Queen.
April 8
Ch 9
Where is the Witch going with her sledge and what will she do with Edmund?
April 9
Ch 10
Describe the presents the children got from Father Christmas. Why would they get gifts like these?
April 10
Ch 11
Do you feel sorry for Edmund and the way he is being treated? Explain why or why not.
April 14
Ch 12-13
What do you think will happen when the Witch meets Aslan at the Stone Table?
April 15
Ch 14-15
Take the events of this chapter and write a newspaper article. Include a headline that will catch the reader's eye and use the five W's - who, what were, when and why.
April 16
Ch 16-17
Describe a situation that you or a book character find boring. List six simple ways to escape this situation.