Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

Please follow the schedule below, and then answer the questions on the discussion page. Don't forget to be keeping track of the main idea of each day in your spiral journal, so you can put that on your book cover project.

Journal Topic on Google Docs
March 31
Ch. 1-3
Compare/Contrast Billy and Grandpa
April 1
Ch. 4-5
Tell about a time when you needed courage. What did you do?
April 2
Ch. 6
Describe how Billy felt when he first saw the pups at the railway station.
April 3
Ch. 7
Describe how Billy trained his hounds.
April 4
Ch. 8
How does Billy prepare for his first hunt?
April 7
Ch. 9
What kind of things make you cry?
April 8
Ch. 10-11
Describe a pet you have owned (or would like to own.)
April 9
Ch. 12-13
Summarize these two chapters.
April 10
Ch. 14
Tell about a time when you felt lucky or fortunate.
April 14
Ch. 15-16
Why do you think people believe in superstitions?
April 15
Ch. 17-18
Describe the worst storm that you have ever experienced.
April 16
Ch. 19-20
Briefly retell the Indian legend.