Tuck Everlasting

Please follow the schedule below, and then answer the questions on the discussion page. Don't forget to be keeping track of the main idea of each day in your spiral journal, so you can put that on your book cover project. Use GoogleDocs to respond to the daily journal.
Journal Topic
March 31
What is your favorite time of year? Explain why.
April 1
Ch 3-4
Would it better be an only child or have siblings?
April 2
Ch 5-6
What would Winnie write in her diary today if she had one?
April 3
Ch 7-8
Pretend you are Winnie and write a letter to your parents describing your experience with the Tuck family.
April 4
Ch 9-10
Explain whether or not the spring is a good or bad thing.
April 7
Ch 11-12
What are some different methods that the Tucks might employ to keep people from drinking the spring water.
April 8
Ch 13 -14
How do you think you would have reacted to the stranger's demands if you were the Fosters?
April 9
Ch 15-16
Describe the opening scene in Chapter 15.
April 10
Ch 17-18
How has Winnie become more mature as a result of her short stay with the Tuck family? Explain.
April 14
Ch 19-20
Pick a character and describe physical, emotional and personal characteristics.
April 15
Ch 21-23
Why do you think people enjoy reading fantasy even though they realize it isn't actually true?
April 16
Ch 24-Epilogue
Write a poem about one of the characters.